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DelRose reviews God of War II (PS2)

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DelRose said...

I think I'll get right to the point, GOW II Is the best hack and slash action adventure game ever made period. If you played GOW I you'll get an intense satisfaction from the second installment. This game is better than the first one on all levels, including graphics, storyline, character wise, and of course game play. The game has one hell of a beginning, it wastes no time getting to the point as Kratos is seen rising from his throne as the true god of war, and unleashing his madness upon olympus. Soon he is tricked into giving up his powers to zues, he ends up adventuring through out the game as a mortal killing pretty much anything that gets in his way like the hard ass we all know him to be lol.The story line is simple, and yet very in depth at the same time, your main goal is to kill zues and to once again reclaim your powers as the god of war, ahhh making false gods suffer has never felt so good. The game is actually very short, an experienced gamer would only take around 9 hours possibly less to finish it. Replay value is great too, unlockable movies trophies await you after beating the game, my overall rating for this always entertaining never repetitive hack n slash game gets a perfect 10/10 Words could not describe how well made this game is.

Game Traits applied to God of War II (PS2) by DelRose

  • The Setting:
    mythological world
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
    mythological creatures
  • How it's Played:
    Quick time events
  • General Tone:
God of War II

God of War II (PS2)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 13/MAR/07
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